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Additional News Items For November 2015 To January 2017 Will Be Posted Shortly.



Posted Wednesday 4th November 2015

Friday 13th November 2015.  Between 2 & 6pm.   Padiham Community Action Drop -In Session at the Town Hall.

An invitation from the Steering Group.

This is your chance to meet with the PCA Steering Group, other members and invited guests. This is a non political, informal, drop-in style meeting open to everyone with an interest in Padiham and/or our unique countryside. We will be there during the afternoon of Friday 13th November between 2pm and 6pm. Will you?

We have invited our MP, councillors from Burnley Council and Padiham Town Council to make space in their busy diaries so they can drop by for as short or as long as they can spare.  However, this is mainly a chance for you to meet with members of the Steering Group; to find out more about what we are doing on your behalf and for you to have a voice in planning PCAs opposition to the loss of our green belt.

As you know, PCA is opposed to the extension of Shuttleworth Mead Business Park onto  29 hectares (64 acres) of green belt land at Blackburn Road and Eaves Barn Farm. PCA is also opposing the development of land and gardens for housing at Craggs Farm/Vicarage Avenue.

Not sure why PCA is trying to keep these three sites out of the ‘Preferred Option’ document which Burnley will publish in the New Year?  Just come along to find out.

Just come along, any time between 2 and 6pm, and have your say.

Regards and best wishes,

Padiham Community Action Steering Group.

p.s. Why not tell your friends and acquaintances about the proposals and invite them to our open meeting.


Below:  PCA Steering Group Members, the MP, Councillors from Burnley & Padiham Councils . Together with members of the public at the last PCA Drop-In Meeting on the 27th February 2014.






Posted Wednesday 19th November 2014

November 4th.  Steering Group Members Meet With Peter Dunn Of Burnley, Pendle & Rossendale Council Voluntary Service


The Council for Voluntary Service is a local development agency which aims to develop, support and promote voluntary action within local communities in the local authority districts of Burnley, Pendle and Rossendale. We had requested the meeting to see if the CVS could identify any funds or grants that will help with the basic running costs of Padiham Community Action. Unfortunately, no financial assistance is available towards our costs or for campaigning to save the green belt from development. However, we had a very useful meeting and Peter volunteered to help us prepare grant applications for any other community projects that we might want to undertake. Whilst supportive, Peter was concerned that we do not have a track record (because PCA is new) and that funding organisations will be reluctant to provide funding until we have proven our ability to successfully implement a project. This is a circular argument and drew us to the conclusion that we need to raise the profile of PCA as a community group dealing with wider issues than defending the green belt.

In the mean time PCA needs to raise more funds. Many of you will have already made donations but for those of you that haven’t it’s easy. Just go to the ‘Donations & Contributions’ page and follow the instructions.




Friday 24th October 2014

Padiham Community Action Supports Residents Of Bridge Street.  Noise From Shuttleworth Mead Business Park Keeps Residents Awake At Night.


Members of PCA, and other residents of Bridge Street and Blackburn Road, are very concerned that the existing high noise levels from units on Shuttleworth Mead will be worse if Shuttleworth Mead is extended. The Lancashire Evening Telegraph (Friday 24th October 2014) included the following article:

New fears over noise from Padiham business park

Bridge St Noise

–These Padiham residents are saying ‘no’ to the further development of Shuttleworth Mead Business Park


RESIDENTS fear they will suffer noise disturbance from a Padiham business park if an expansion plan is given the green light.

Cath Starkie, 65, who has lived in Bridge Street with her husband John for 35 years, claimed that noise from Shuttleworth Mead Business Park was already an issue.

She has complained to environmental health at Burnley Council about the noise she claimed is caused by ventilation units at one of the businesses on the park, Padiham Glass, but she said nothing has been done to ease the problem.

Burnley Council said after visiting the site it had found no evidence to suggest a statutory noise nuisance existed.

Development on the site has been mooted as part of the council’s Local Plan.

Mrs Starkie said: “We’re about 400 yards away from Shuttleworth Mead and with the wind blowing in this direction we can hear it all the time. I fear the expansion could make it worse. They can’t keep building these things where there’s housing.”

Dave Edmondson, 66, who is deputy chair of local campaign group Padiham Community Action, lives with his wife Eileen in Blackburn Road.

He said: “We can’t sleep with the window open during summer time.

“When and if they build these new units the noise will become really significant. If this is what we’ve got now it will be even worse.”

A spokesperson for the council said: “Following the investigation, it was established that there was no evidence to suggest a statutory noise nuisance existed. The complainant was advised that further options were available, including the re-installation of noise monitoring equipment. The Environ- mental Health team is fully committed to undertaking their statutory duties.”

A Padiham Glass spokesman said: “Padiham Glass Ltd is committed to being a good neighbour to our community. We are aware that Burnley Council has been contacted.”
Sunday 5th October 2014

What PCA Said In Response To Burnley Borough Councils Consultation On Additional Sites For The Emerging Local Plan

PCA restricted it’s comments to the issue of developing Craggs Farm for housing and the extension of Network 65 Business Park for more industrial units. Reproduced below are the two letters that we sent to Burnley objecting to Craggs Farm and conditionally supporting Network 65.





Wednesday 23rd September 2014.

Meeting Of Padiham Community Action & Burnley Planners. Burnley Council Offices 22nd September 2014.


Dropin3 web

Cath Bradley, John Drake, David Edmondson and John Tilley from Padiham Community Actions Steering Group met with Pete Milward, one of the leading planners preparing the Local Plan. We had a long and detailed discussion and Pete Milward was very helpful. We didn’t change anything but we hadn’t expected to. However, they have a better understanding of our argument for deleting the suggested industrial sites at Blackburn Road and Eaves Barn Farm and for not including Craggs Farm for housing. Just as importantly we gained information about why these sites had been included and how the job requirement figures had been calculated.




Thursday, 18th September 2014

Burnley MP Gordon Birtwistle  Joined Pupils From Padiham Green School To Say No To The Expansion Of Shuttleworth Mead Business Park.
‘Year four children at Padiham Green CE Primary School have turned into environmental campaigners since hearing the news that Shuttleworth Mead Business Park plans to expand along the Padiham Greenway.’

‘Yesterday, Burnley MP Gordon Bertwistle  visited the Greenway with the children and helped them put up their campaign posters.’

Mr Birtwistle said:

“I am really impressed with these children and their brilliant posters.

“They want to keep Padiham Greenway as it is a lovely walk, a lovely park and a haven for wildlife.

“They don’t want industrial units spoiling what they’ve got and I totally agree with them.”

This article and photo appeared in The Lancashire Evening Telegraph on the 18th September.

( )

Monday 15th September 2014.

Padiham Community Action & Residents Attended The Drop In Meeting With Burnley Planners At Padiham Town Hall On Friday 12th September.

The planners preparing the next stages of the Local Plan were at Padiham Town Hall to hear our concerns regarding the Craggs Farm site and the industrial land allocations. A number of residents from around the Craggs Farm site submitted written objections at the meeting. The rest of us have until the 7th October to respond to the Emerging Local Plan’s suggested land allocations.

The ‘drop in’ style of meeting was less formal and allowed people to engage in one to one discussion with the planner’s.

Iinvert 2.7x2.6


Monday, 1st September 2014


Residents Meeting 7pm Thursday 4th September, Padiham Football Club, re Housing At Craggs Farm


Local resident, Andy Tatchell, has arranged a meeting of residents on Vicarage Avenue, Blackburn Road and Whalley Road, that live next to the green field site that has been proposed for housing. The purpose of the meeting is to make residents aware of the actions that they should take individually and to consider how best to collectively oppose this unnecessary development. (See news item below for further information).


In an open letter delivered to residents Andy said,

“It is vital that whatever your view, we, as residents, take the opportunity to have our voices heard in the upcoming consultation .. by Burnley Borough Council …..”

Andy also stressed that this is not a political meeting.


We encourage all of you living next to the site and other concerned local residents to become members of Padiham Community Action (PCA). PCA will continue to oppose the loss of our greenbelt next to Shuttleworth Mead and will oppose the development of Craggs Farm. Make PCA stronger and make it more difficult for the Council to ignore our voice. Become a member now, it’s free and it’s easy to join. To complete the membership form click here.     button (1) 


Saturday, 30th August 2014

Padiham Community Action & Residents Fight Against Proposal To Build Houses At Craggs Farm, Padiham.

Residents of Vicarage Avenue, Blackburn Road and Whalley Road were surprised to find that the Issues and Options: Additional Sites Document, of the Emerging Local Plan, includes an option to build 20 houses on land at Craggs Farm. The site had not been included in the Burnley Local Plan: Issues and Options Consultation Document prepared by Burnley’s planners (we assume they did not think it was a good idea). However, it was put forward as a housing site, probably by the owners, during the public consultation. Residents are concerned that this is a ‘back door’ attempt to have the land allocated in the plan so that the land owner/developer will find it easier to obtain planning permission. Residents successfully opposed a planning application for a similar development on this land and, after the Planning Inspector turned down the developers appeal, residents thought their futures were relatively secure, at least for the foreseeable future.

Burnley's Local Plan: Additional Sites ConsultationA spokes person for Padiham Community Action said,

“We intend to assist local residents opposing the development. A meeting of residents and other concerned individuals will take place shortly to discuss how best to object to this third party proposal. We encourage all concerned to attend the drop in meeting with the planners at Padiham Town Hall on Friday 12th September and to write objecting to the land owners proposal. In addition PCA will submit its own objection. Further details of meeting dates and guidance on preparing objections will be published on our website. Don’t miss the deadline; all objections have to be with Burnley Borough Council by the 7th October.

This is an important area of green space that is a natural extension of the adjoining green belt. The same green belt that is already threatened by the plans option to build industrial and warehouse units on the other side of Blackburn Road. Anyone who knows the area will also know that residents on Vicarage Avenue and Blackburn Road have created individual gardens across from their homes, on land rented from the site owner. This development will change the character and future of this part of Padiham. We urge everyone to act now and say no!”

Further information about how to submit your objections can be found on Burnley’s website or by clicking on the link below:



Issues and Options Additional tes - Sustainability Appraisal 1 2.3x3.3

Tuesday, 25th August, 2014

Burnley Council publish Additional Sites, Sustainability Appraisal Document and announce dates for public meetings.

The Council is now consulting on an Issues and Options: Additional Sites consultation document.   They are inviting comments on alternative Housing and Employment sites proposed by landowners, developers and local residents during the Issues and Options consultation.

Also subject to consultation will be the Sustainability Appraisal of the additional sites, an assessment of the sites against a range of economic, social and environmental criteria.

The Consultation period runs from the 26th August until 5.00pm on the 7th October 2014. Comments can be submitted:

Online –

In writing –    Policy & Environment Team, 1st Floor, Parker Lane Offices, Parker Lane, Burnley, BB11 2BY
Email –
Using the comments form which can be downloaded from

During the consultation period the Council will be holding a series of drop in sessions and public meetings within the wards that the sites are located.  They are as follows:



Lunchtime drop in

Early evening drop in

Public Meeting

Friday 29 August

Cliviger Village Hall




Tuesday 2 September

Linkbridge Centre




Wednesday 3 September

Terracefields, Burnley Wood



Thursday 4 September

Howard Street Community Centre



Tuesday 9 September

Worsthorne Reading Rooms



Tuesday 9 September

Thornton Arms, Worsthorne



Thursday 11 September

Hapton Methodist Church




Friday 12 September

Ballroom, Padiham Town Hall



Thursday 2 October

Burnley Town Hall


5.00 – 7.00



Issues and Options DocumentLow 1 halve small

Thursday, 14 August, 2014

Consultation planned on potential allocations of land for new homes and employment

A report to Burnley Council’s Executive proposes to ask members of the public for their views on options for making land available for possible housing developments, or for industry.

Sites in Worsthorne, Cliviger and Padiham are amongst those being considered as options for housing development in the emerging Local Plan.

The Council’s Head of Regeneration and Planning Policy, Kate Ingram, said: “the proposed consultation is part of a step by step process to arrive at a Local Plan for the borough. Earlier this year, we carried out consultation on initial Issues and Options. We will now be consulting on a document which lists Additional Sites. We will be seeking comments on options for alternative and new Housing and Employment sites proposed by landowners, developers and local residents during the Issues and Options consultation.

“The Local Plan will be the framework for judging any future planning proposals. It will help guide investment, development and regeneration in the borough as we grow over the coming ten to fifteen years.

“We have already received a range of views on Issues and Options that we published earlier this year. Now we want to get reactions and thoughts on new options that have come up. All the comments and points we receive will be considered as officers draw up the Council’s ‘Preferred Option’. This will itself be subject to further consultation”.

If the report is agreed, there will be a public consultation period from the 26th August to the 7th October.

There will be drop in events at venues across the borough, including public meetings in Cliviger and Worsthorne.

People will also be able to comment through the Council website

Click here for the report.

Click here for the appendix.



July 2014

‘JUST SAY NO’ Posters

These posters are just three of the 30 posters made by the children of Padiham Green School just before they finished school for the summer. When they return in September all the posters will be displayed along the award winning Padiham Greenway. If the industrial development goes ahead the Greenway will be surrounded by industrial and warehouse boxes. It’s clear what the children think of that! Well done children of Padiham Green.

yellowgreenyellow 2

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